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Sign Solutions Inc. Steve Sexton.

I do not intend to argue to continue with this. I simply want the full truth to be told. make of that what you will 


Mr Sexton approached us regarding a problem he was having with a DCS printer. We offer him some assistance via remote support and teamviewer. we diagnosed his machine with what we thought was the issue spending over an hour working on things. 
wrecommended he order a couple things from the manufacturer which to our knowledge he did and would report back. 


 We then offered him a machine similar to his that we had around the shop, gave him a price and he asked for financing, payment options etc due to his Tax bills. We recommended going through Paypal as they offer terms. 

He asked us for other terms we gave him other options to pay should he decide to do so, He optd for Zelle.  We gave him the option of 50/50 on 5500.00.

We let him know when the funds were sent and when we would schedule shipping, Once they were received we went ahead and started the process, steve did not ask for a time frame other than " delivery as soon as you can schedule" also seen in this attached screen recording.  The first payment was received November 18th. 


so we booked it for him giving him a date before Christmas.  after we shipped the machine out with our driver Steve decided to Cancel the entire order claiming it was taking too long and  he "didnt realize it would take that long". As you can see our website clearly states we have a no refunds policy on Used equipment. 

Mr sexton took to social media to Defame our company and lie about the events which happened with his order expecting us to bare the brunt for buyers remorse, then proceeding to try and rope other people into the discussion while blocking us entirely in fear we would provide receipts for everything. 


Full Dialog located HERE SS | TriTecUSA


Part 1 Cellphone 

Part 2 Cellphone

Screenshot 2024-01-30 231111.png

Payment received middle of November. Cleared by November 21. Delivery date ballpark December 11. After we told him the 11th we could not get a hold of him for a few days, So we changed dates to the next available.


 he immediately tried to pull out of the transaction. Had he said at any point he needed it sooner, or anything to that affect we would have either told him no problem or no that cannot be done and stopped at that time. Instead he let it go.  Our logistcs dept tried for two days to get Mr Sexton's commitment for the 11th, when we did not hear from him we booked it for the next available which was the 18th of December.  I left out the vulgar name calling and details that just are not worth the time here. All stories have more than one side, This is my side. 


Screenshot 2024-01-30 235023.png
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