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From the floors to all the cabeling, We designed and built the entire store. 

Voice and data cabling services for more than 15 years.

Our staff includes certified technicians, as well many vendors certified technicians. In addition to industry certifications, our technicians have all passed OSHA certifications.

We provide installations from small offices to large multi-floor buildings, as well as industrial warehouses and large retail environments. Our techs are just as comfortable using a ladder as they are with any type of heavy aerial equipment, like scissor and boom lifts.

Voice and Data Cabling Services

  • Cat 3, Cat 5e, Cat 6 & Cat 6a Cabling

  • 25 Pair, 50 Pair, 100 Pair & 300 Pair Backbone Cabling

  • Structured Cabling Systems Design

  • Data Center Cabling Infrastructure Design

  • Aerial & Underground Installations

  • Harsh Environment Installation

  • High EMI Area Installation

  • Cable Certification & Testing Services

  • Ladder Rack & Wire Basket Tray Installation

  • Over Head & Raised Floor Tray Installations

  • Cable Management Installation

  • Conduit and Raceway Installation

  • MDF/IDF & Server Room Design & Build-outs

  • Demarc Extensions

  • Dark Cable Location

  • Core Drilling & Penetration Services

  • Fire Stop Systems Installation

  • Network Equipment Installation


This was a complete overhaul of their existing cable system.

We pulled all coax and data, replaced with new system during their down season. 

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