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Wide Format Banners & Graphics

There are many uses for large format printing in both private and business settings. Individuals can take advantage of wide format printing for personal artwork projects or as a way to create beautiful wall coverings and graphics for special events.


Businesses can take advantage of the large format size to create eye-popping advertisements, banners for special events, or even backdrops for their merchandise displays. Large format banners are also a great way to promote your business at local fairs and events that your company sponsors.

People notice large format banners. They anticipate that the banner is announcing something special, and they will take the time to read what it says.

Most businesses will agree that they generate more business when they have a banner announcing a sale than when they advertise the same sale in the local paper.

Large format banners are a cost-effective method of advertising that can reach potential customers that you may not have targeted with other marketing efforts.

Large Format Printing Services
Flatbed Printing

Hi-Res Inkjet

Vinyl Graphics

Window Graphics

Environmental Graphics

Wall Graphics Printing

Tradeshow Graphics

Vehicle Graphics

Backlit Graphics

Precision Digital Cutting

Commercial Wall Coverings




  • Handles rigid and sheeted media up to 126.5 in. (3.2 m) wide and up to 2 in. (5.08 cm) thick

  • Multirole capable (two 60-in. rolls)

  • Optional heavy-duty unwinder (HDU) 

  • Optional extension table with casters 

  • Optional small depth extension table


  • Best Quality Mode (1000 dpi, 8 color, heavy smoothing) 275 ft²/hr (26 m²/hr)

  • POP Quality Mode (600 dpi/grayscale, 8 color, light smoothing) 900 ft²/hr (84 m²/hr)

  • Up to Speed (600 dpi/grayscale, Fast-4™, no smoothing) 2,400 ft²/hr (223 m²/hr)

Environmental considerations

  • Compressed Air: 100–150 psi maximum at 12 cf/m—dry air only (not included)

  • Fully enclosed design for operator safety and environmental considerations

  • Temperature: 68° F to 86° F (20° C to 30° C)

  • Humidity: 30% to 80% (noncondensing)

  • Weight: 6,700 lbs. (3039 kg)

  • Height: 66 in. (167.6 cm)

  • Width: 248 in. (630 cm)

  • Depth: 63 in. (160 cm)

  • Electrical: 3 phase, 20 amps @ 200–230-volt supply or 10 amp at 400-460 volt supply


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