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We are your go to for recommendations on services best suited for your needs, training, repairs and more.

Training for most equipment


LEARN a little bit of EVERYTHING!

  • Foam Board

  • Gator Foam

  • Styrene

  • Sintra/PVC

  • Wood/MDF 

  • Textile/Fabric

  • Coroplast

  • Paper/Card Stock

  • Honeycomb/Falcon Board

  • Vinyl

  • Aluminum

  • Canvas

  • Acrylic/Plexi

  • Di Bond

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With "cool cure" LED technology and increased productivity, you will be able to produce jobs more efficiently and faster than ever before, offer more applications, and lower your operating costs.

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changing world of printing

Not Many people in the world work on these machines, We however have had the pleasure of working on these printers all around the world.


The Direct Jet 1800s UV printer models build upon the success of our 1800 printer platform and bed size. The machine’s design takes into consideration years of valuable customer feedback/data on the 1800z models, and it has been used to make significant changes under the covers of the 1800s.

Not only has the durability and serviceability of the model range increased, but there have also been significant advancements on the performance and production side that our customers will appreciate as well.


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CWT work tables

Are a great addition to any print shop, They make material application a breeze on many different substrates, our team can transport, install and train you on this wonderful piece of equipment anywhere in the world. we service and relocate these all over the world. Breakdown, relocation and build. 

In the market for a new one? we can help with that as well

       Need training or repairs? 

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