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Why hire 3 companies to move your stuff when we can do it for you.

Aside from our ability to service most industry equipment allowing you to hire one company to handle your projects. we can help with breaking down your machines, Moving them, Reinstallation and more...


One company that specializes in print Industry Equipment


 Quality rigging must be carried out by a seasoned team that has full understanding of the various components of the equipment involved in addition to the proper implementation of safety procedures. Our team understands all of these factors including how to obtain the necessary permits and zoning required to properly execute a project.

Our rigging professionals perform complicated relocation techniques and utilize critical safety measures to move items using specialized machinery and equipment. The various types of equipment employed in our rigging services can include forklifts, cranes, hoists, flat beds, gantries, ropes, high cube trailers, chains, skates, lifting bars, and blocking and steel plates.Below are a few of our most popular pieces that we use daily. If you have a special project that needs something not listed let us know. We can accomdate.

Decommissions, Relocations & Re-installations on supported equipment

Bindery Equipment

Application Tables
Flatbed Printers
Flat Bed Cutters

CNC Machines
Finishing Equipment
Entire Business & Operations

Asset Recoveries
Cars, Trucks, Boats
Entire Business & Operations

Service, Rigging and logistics available for major brands.
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Tritec USA is not affiliated with all of these brands. 


38' Gooseneck with dovetail

Our 32' Gooseneck Over wheel trailer allows for a smooth deck load from any side accommodating Steel tie downs with our reinforced deck your load will be safe no no matter where it is going. The unique dovetail allows for low profile pickups as well. 

Max Length: 32'

Max Width: 100.5"

Max: 22,000lbs

26' Box trucks with Liftgate

With our 26' box truck with oversized 3500lb lift gate we can secure and move just about any industry equipment safely and securely .


16' V Nose Enclosed

this 16' V Nose Dual Axel is great for Small and medium sized loads are handled easily with our Smaller trailer. This is a great option for small printers, Cutters, Laminators & more.

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