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What is Expected of Customers

What is Expected of Customers
Hello, and thank you for choosing TriTecUSA LLC for your printing and equipment needs. Please note that

we request that all orders be placed via our company's website which can be found at​. We are here to assist you throughout the ordering process and encourage you to reach out to us at any time by emailing ​​, or by phone at 1-800-951-0770 with any questions you may have. As a customer of TriTecUSA LLC, we expect that you will be accessible when we fulfill your order quickly and efficiently 


What is Expected of Employees
Welcome to TriTecUSA LLC, we are happy to have you aboard! Please read the

following information pertaining to what is expected of every member of our staff.
All employees of TriTecUSA LLC are to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all

times. It is expected that employees will fulfill their daily obligations while cultivating creativity, innovation, and communication between all members of the team. Furthermore, employees are expected to arrive on time for every shift and stay for the duration of their shift. Any employee’s working hours, salary and other benefits will be negotiated and agreed upon during the hiring process between you and your hiring manager. In the event of personal circumstances that may cause the employee to miss work, it is the employee’s responsibility to notify the supervising manager immediately and proactively. At TriTecUSA LLC, time is of the essence, thus extended leaves of absence or skipped operational procedures, and other distractions that could deter company’s processes, will not be permitted, unless excused. Overall, at TriTecUSA LLC we have high expectations of our employees, we also offer a family atmosphere fostering productivity and personal development. We guarantee that you will feel like an important part of this company and we encourage applicants of any age, race, gender, sex, national origin, religion, or anyone with a disability to apply.

What is Expected of Managers
There are a few management positions within our small family business. These positions

are reserved for experienced professionals in the printing industry who display a high level of expertise, as TriTecUSA LLC managers are held to high standards that are outlined in the following paragraph. Managers at TriTecUSA LLC must understand that their actions on a daily basis are essential to the success of the company. As a result, it is expected that managers will report to work for their shifts promptly and remain on site until their shift is complete. While working, managers should be interacting with employees from our various departments. They should be ensuring that all company policies and procedures are being followed throughout their departments. Job duties include training new hires, evaluating each individual employee, taking managerial action when needed. !!!!! Managers at J Church Equipment Specialist will have access to the company’s financial data and should periodically perform examinations to ensure the company’s funds are being utilized effectively with efficiency. Obligations of a manager at TriTecUSA LLC may include duties that are not in their daily duties, but must be flexible enough to fulfill the obligations in a timely manner. The manager position will not be open to new hires unless there is a special circumstance. Therefore, we encourage you to apply to TriTecUSA LLC and work your way up to a manager position through diligence and work ethic.


Raising Concerns
At TriTecUSA LLC we understand that certain circumstances arise that need to be disclosed

immediately. As a result, we have fostered an environment where there is open communication between our company’s employees and managers as well as customers. All customers with concerns related to their orders shall call the company headquarters at 1-800-951-0770. If an employee has a concern that needs to be addressed, then it is expected that they will talk to their manager immediately. In the event that the issue involves the manager, then the employee should speak directly with the company’s owner. If a manager has a pressing issue that needs to be addressed, it is the manager’s responsibility to speak with the CEO, Frank Ricci, as soon as possible. If the issue involves an employee, the manager should first speak with the employee to resolve the issue, then if it is unable to be resolved the manager shall correspond with the CEO to address the issue. We want everyone to be satisfied whether you are one of our valued customers, employees, or managers.

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